Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tis the Season

I love to hear of other people's Christmas and holiday traditions. I have little children and I am all about learning to create special ways to celebrate and observe those holidays. On Christmas Eve for example, we are finally not having to travel hours out of town like we used to so we are starting to enjoy going to our church's community Christmas Eve service downtown. We also have a Pajama Ride which includes packing the girls in the car on a random evening with hot chocolate and driving around looking at Christmas lights. Recently, however I have learned of some friends observing the Advent. It sparked my interest and I researched what it was about.

Advent is the period beginning four Sundays before Christmas and observed by some Christians (it's optional) as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.  (, Merrian-Webster Dictionary).

My friend Christen who you can find at created an Advent calender for her family. She is artistic, crafty, and purely talented and weaves that into her motherhood as a stay at home mom. She is very inspiring mom and she shared her calender with her friends. Enjoy!

December 1st ~ Watch the Christmas Parade
December 2nd ~ Sing Christmas Songs with Friends
December 3rd ~ Make Snow Playdoh
December 4th ~ Donate Warm Clothes to Those In Need
December 5th ~ Go Hunting for Christmas Records & Play With Them
December 6th ~ Make Nativity Scene
December 7th ~ Make Presents for Grandparents
December 8th ~ Write Letter to Santa
December 9th ~ Make Santa Clothespins
December 10th ~ Make Popsicle Stick Reindeer
December 11th ~ Make Gingerbread Playdoh
December 12th ~ Paint Ornament
December 13th ~ Make Cardboard Gingerbread House
December 14th ~ Make Pom Pom Pinecone Trees
December 15th ~ Take Picture with Santa
December 16th ~ Drive Around to Look at Christmas Tree Lights.
December 17th ~ Make & Eat Reindeer Cookies
December 18th ~ Make Construction Paper Christmas Trees
December 19th ~ Make Snowman Pancakes
December 20th ~ Make Cotton Ball Snowman
December 21st ~ Cut Out Paper Snowflakes & Hang In Window
December 22nd ~ Polar Express Party
December 23rd ~ Read the Christmas Story
December 24th ~ Make Cookies for Santa
December 25th ~ Merry Christmas Open Presents 
Christen's Advent Calender

Here's all the links for the activities you'll need for the month:
Day 3, Snow Playdoh
Day 6, Nativity Scene
Day 9, Clothespin Santas
Day 10, Popsicle Reindeer
Day 11, Gingerbread Playdoh
Day 13, Cardboard Gingerbread Houses
Day 14, Pom Pom Pinecone Trees
Day 17, Reindeer Cookies
Day 19, Snowman Pancakes
Day 20, Cotton Ball Snowmen
Day 21, Snowflake Cutouts

I love teaching my children that Christmas is about celebrating Jesus' birth; finding ways to do that in creativity and activities make it fun. This Sunday we will be going to Sisters to chop down our Christmas tree. That evening we will fill our home with Christmas music, decorate it and have some cherished time. Tis the season to enjoy family, friends, and joy that His Presence makes possible.

May this Christmas season be filled with His joy and peace for you and your family!

- Amie

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